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New & Available Now:

Global Drumming (10 Snare Drum Solos In Styles From Around The World) This grade 3-4 collection contains 10 snare drum solos that reinforce rudiments and other fundamentals in styles from around the world.  Perfect for contest, recital and festivals, each solo includes performance notes and incorporates techniques from Cuba, Tahiti, East Africa, Japan, India, Middle East, West Africa, Ireland, Brazil, and the United States.  Sample pages and more info HERE.

Bucket Jams, for instrumental AND general music classes!: Level 1-2, for "junkyard" ensemble of buckets and optional garbage can and auxiliary instruments (hi hat, guiro, cymbals, etc.).  Includes reproducible music, flexible instrumentation, rehearsal and instrument suggestions...everything you need to get started!  This is a culturally relevant and engaging method to teach concert percussion techniques, drum set fundamentals, and how to read notation with culturally relevant music students will love playing!  Sample pages and more info HERE:

New!: 2016-1017 Band and Orchestra Pieces

"Junk Funk Shuffle (for Buckets, Garbage Cans, and Band)" Concert Band, Level 3: After the popularity of "Junk Funk" and "Junkyard Jam", students, teachers, and audiences asked for another "junk" tune for more advanced groups. This tune is a catchy, funky shuffle with lots of room for a theatrical presentation. It will delight performers and audiences and introduce and/or reinforce 6/8 meter.  Listen and download recording HERE.

"Fracas" Concert Band, Level 2.5: Written for the Iowa Bandmasters All-State 8th Grade Honor Band, this very spirited and hard-driving piece evokes chaos. Your students and audience will love the energy!  Listen and download recording HERE.

"Cherokee Morning Song" Concert Band, Level 1: The Cherokee people had a vibrant culture for many centuries in what is now the southeastern United States and the Cherokee Nation is a federally-recognized sovereign government today based in Oklahoma. With a spirited original middle section, the beginning and ending sections of this piece were based on a lyrical folk tune that is commonly referred to as "Cherokee Morning Song". Listen and download recording HERE.

"Adventure in India" String Orchestra, Level 1: This spirited piece evokes the sound of traditional folk music from India, but is more akin to the popular "Bollywood" (the epicenter of the Indian film industry in Mumbai)soundtracks. Your students and audiences will love the drama!  Listen and download recording HERE

2015-2016 Band

"Adventure in India" Concert Band, Level 1 (Orchestra version arriving in 2016!): This action-packed piece includes both Indian folk and the dramatic action of "Bollywood" (Indian version of Hollywood) movies.  Introduce your beginners to musical styles of India while programming a spirited piece players and audiences will love!  Listen and download recording HERE.

2014-2015 Band and Orchestra Pieces:

"ISON" Concert Band, Level .5 (Grade 1/2): Comet ISON was discovered in 2012 and is predicted by some to be the most spectacular sighting of the century. The vivid image of a powerful comet hurtling through space inspired the creative writing in this piece. Spirited passages, well placed accents and dynamic markings all contribute to highlighting this striking image. Simply out of this world!  Listen and download recording here: 

"Zululand" Concert Band, Level 1:  Commissioned for the 2013 Midwest Clnic. The Zulu people of South Africa are honored with this vibrant work of rhythm and spirit. Original material based on a call and response song really brings out the strong cultural elements, full of life and energy. The percussion is prominent and provides a multitude of colorful sounds that will enhance the musical experience.  Listen and downlaod recording here:

"Beat Street Strut" Concert Band, Level 1.5: Spice up your concert with this unique march written in both traditional march style as well as "show band" style. This spirited piece will give students an opportunity to learn traditional march style as well as the popular groove and swagger style. A real program highlight that features two time-honored traditions. Listen and downlaod recording here:  

"String Shredder" String Orchestra, Level 1.5: This piece will have your budding orchestra shredding! It contains rock-like grooves with easy extended techniques, like chops, to make this piece exciting to play.  Listen and download recording here:

2013-2014 Releases...

"Rolling Tough", Level 1/2, for very beginning band. This is a bombastic number written in the cinematic style used in fight, chase, and other scenes where characters need to "bring it on." Listen and download here:

"Hard Drive", Level 1, a hard-driving number with lotsa percussion:

"Juba", Level 2, for young band.  This tune, written in the style of music from the Gullah Islands, blends African, African-American, and Caribbean styles with a little "hambone" thrown in as well.  Opportunities for optional improvisation included:

Band Piece to Benefit Japanese Tsunami Victims

"Japanese Pictures", a Level 2 concert band composition for younger players, is now available through Carl Fischer Music. It appears on several required repertoire lists, including the Texas PML.  Kevin is donating all royalties from the sale of the piece to Music for Relief (, an organization of musicians, music industry professionals, and fans providing disaster relief to survivors of the 2011 tsunami in Japan, as well as people in need around the world.  Listen and download the professional recording here:


To further enrich learning, Kevin will correspond with students, rehearse and/or conduct performances without fee for any band whose students raise additional funds for Music for Relief. There is no set amount required for fund-raising; the primary goal is that students take initiative in some way to help the cause (e.g., collection at concert, during lunch periods, etc.). Please contact Kevin to discuss ways your students can work directly with the composer.


This new composition, with both spirited bravura and lyrical sections, draws from tuneful folk melodies and aggressive taiko (drum) ensemble rhythms to introduce students to traditional Japanese music styles. In addition to advancing musical skills in a multicultural context, performing the piece also teaches students that their artistry can be used to help others in need. Creativity, empathy, and diversity skills are all part of 21st century learning standards that will adequately prepare young musicians for future success. This is a deeply enriching interdisciplinary learning opportunity!


2012 Releases:

"Japanese Pictures" for Concert Band, Level 2.  Listen and download here: 


"Dawn Dance" for Concert Band, Level 1.5:


"Storm Chaser" for Concert Band, Level 1:


"Storm Chaser" for String Orchestra, Level 1.5:


New! Percussion pieces through Kendor Music:


"Anitra's Dance", Level 4.5, for percussion quartet


"Taiko Drums (Kumi-Daiko)", Level 1.5, for percussion trio


"Images of India", Level 2.5, for percussion trio


More info and to order:


Oscar-Nominated Documentary Inspires Composition to Benefit Acholi Refugee Children of Uganda.

“Ugandan Festival”, a song for band written to benefit the Acholi refugee children of Northern Uganda, is now available!  Download a recording by clicking the link below.  Inspired by the Oscar-nominated documentary War Dance, composer Kevin Mixon is donating all royalties to the Patongo Fund ( , which provides music education and therapy to Acholi refugee children. 

The War Dance documentary chronicles a group of students from a school located in a Northern Uganda refugee camp as they prepare for the immensely popular national school music competition in Kampala, Uganda.  Given the unspeakable atrocities the Acholi children suffered because of ongoing civil war, as well as the disadvantage presented by much more privileged students from better-funded schools, the story is both tragic and wondrously uplifting.  Mixon’s composition was written to be performed by middle and high school instrumental music students.  He is grateful to have the opportunity to teach through stories of those less fortunate and how success is possible in almost any circumstance, but also expose performers and audiences to the magnificent music of Uganda.  “Ugandan Festival” is published by Carl Fischer Music and is available through any music dealer.

“Ugandan Festival”; Concert Band, Level 3; Listen and download here:

Other 2011 Carl Fischer Releases: 

“Natya (Dance Drama from India)”; Concert Band, Level 2:
Drawing from genres prevalent in Indian "Bollywood" films, this composition employs rhythms and techniques such as solkattu to introduce students to popular Indian music styles:

“Junk Funk (for Garbage Cans, Buckets, and Band)”; Concert Band, Level 1.5: Feature your percussion section on "junkyard" instruments in a catchy number that will be the highlight of your concert!:

“Dark Visions”; String Orchestra, Level 2: Introduce students to aleatory, col legno, and other modern playing techniques in this rhythmical, mysterious, and bravura number sure to be a hit with students and audiences alike!:

Released in 2009 and 2010:

Oceania Dances (Level 1.5, Carl Fischer Music).  Hawaii has a rich cultural history and is the birthplace of our current president, Barack Obama.  Laden with percussive bravura drawn from traditional Hawaiian and Tahitian music, all band members will get into the act with this spirited number! Listen and download here:

Dancing the Skies (Level 1.5; Begining Band--Carl Fischer Music)--Students will re-create wind and other sounds of flight during this up-tempo number!:

Junkyard Jam (Level 2; Young Band--Alfred Music)--Feature your percussion section on five-gallon buckets and garbage cans during this hard-driving rock and Latin chart!:

Fantasy on Early American Tunes (Level 3--Carl Fischer Music)--The music of William Billings and other shape note melodies are the basis for this bravura composition:       

Still available for concert band:

CANON COLLAGE  -- Beginning Band Series--A variety of styles and a few different sounds combine to establish this introduction to the canon.  A most musical selection with the added bonus of the ability to aid in the teaching of canons, this one will be loved by students and audiences alike. 

FOR SOMEONE SPECIAL -- Beginning Band Series--Create a special moment during your next concert with this touching and lyrical selection that's perfect for honoring a special individual. Whenever there's an opportunity to recognize parents, teachers or administrators for their service or retirement, this makes the perfect musical tribute. Also appropriate as a concert selection, this piece will provide a heart-warming moment for any occasion.

HOLIDAY ARRAY --Very Beginning Band Series--There's something for everyone in this sparkling holiday medley that offers music for Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa, all wrapped up in one neat package! You'll hear Dreydl, Dreydl; Jingle Bells and an original theme where the band sings "lu" set to African-sounding percussion rhythms. Easy rhythms and pitches make this work appropriate for the youngest of performer!:

I SAW TWO CLOUDS AT MORNING--Young Band Series--Inspired by the enchanting John Gardiner Brainard poem of the same name, this emotional ballad is rich in harmony and texture. The poem is included in the liner notes, giving you a chance to link the expressive nature of poetry and music. A fine choice: 

LYRIC ASCENT --Young Band Series-- Elongated, chordal tones build from the very opening notes, building a sense of drama in this contemporary-flavored overture. The main thematic material is bright and optimistic sounding, and the work concludes with a soaring grandiose theme.

SLAVIC ODE --Beginning Band Series--Kevin Mixon's original theme pays tribute to characteristic sounds of a world far away, providing vivid and energetic musical moments. It starts with a simple statement in the woodwinds, and builds toward a dynamic conclusion.

TRIBUTE TO HEROES--Young Band Series--This solid original march employs both legato and marcato styles, making it a perfect teaching tool for bands at the easy level. This is appropriate for any occasion marking the contribution of those that serve their country.

TO A SKYLARK--Very Beginning Band Series--A rousing concert number with non-stop energy using only the first five notes in most method books!  Text for Percy Shelley's poem of the same name is included to create a powerful link between literature and musical elements in the piece.

RHYTHM RAPPIN' ROCK--Beginning Band Series--A rock and rap tune that teaches students sixteenth note rhythm patterns through...rap! 

RIVER VALLEY LEGACY (Suite)--Young Band Series--Loaded with musical representations of key historical events and diverse cultures.  Several musical styles--ballad, jazz, march, and more-- are utilized throughout the four movements in the work.  This one is sure to be an audience favorite!:

NATIVE AMERICAN HOMAGE--Concert Band Series--A very serious work written in honor of America's indigenous peoples. Several styles are presented in often unusual but compelling writing:

AN AFRICAN-AMERICAN AIR--Beginning Band Series--This solidly scored arrangement will help beginners learn to play lyrically without the need for advanced skills!  You can also connect your curriculum with other subjects as several rich integrated learning opportunities are possible.  Teach fundamentals of legato playing while captivating audiences with this beautiful African-American lullaby:

FOUR WAVES--Young Band Series--This seamless theme and variations provides several style changes that culminates in a bombastic conclusion that students and audiences will love:   

SWAHILI FOLK HYMN--Young Band Series--This spirited number from East Africa that will keep all members of your group busy.  Percussionists play authentic rhythms that groove hard--without being hard!--and there is an optional section where students can easily improvise, compose, or play written solos.  Cross-curricular opportunities abound and multiple National Standards can be met without compromising rehearsal time.  To top it off, it'll be a hit at your performance!:

Available for string and full orchestra:

COUNTRY MOUNTAIN FLIGHT -- Intermediate String Orchestra--This is a rousing original that will have your strings playing in a very driving percussive style. There are optional percussion parts for a minimum of two players that add some variety and that extra "oomph" that will put this one over the top.

FOR SOMEONE SPECIAL--Beginning String Orchestra--The title says it all. This will be a cherished melody to be dedicated to whomever you choose. Maybe a person associated with your orchestra -- perhaps the principal or orchestra parents president. This lovely melody will be a sentimental musical tribute to remember.

WOOD THAT SINGS (APACHE FIDDLE TUNE)--Beginning String Orchestra--All of the National Standards are covered meaningfully and painlessly in this easy piece!

CRESCENT CITY COLLAGE--Intermediate String/Full Orchestra--A collection of folk songs in various styles associated with New Orleans. Playable by strings alone or with the addition of any or all of the winds and percussion instruments present in the full orchestra:

AN AFRICAN-AMERICAN AIR--Beginning String Orchestra--This solidly scored arrangement will help beginners learn to play lyrically without the need for advanced skills!  You can also connect your curriculum with other subjects as several rich integrated learning opportunities are possible.  Teach fundamentals of legato playing while captivating audiences with this beautiful African-American lullaby.

CHINESE STRING FANTASY--Beginning String Orchestra--Introducing beginners to Chinese string instruments and folk music is a breeze with this arrangement of two contrasting folk melodies.  Students will love playing the easy tremolo, glissando, and pizzicato used to suggest Chinese instrument timbres and playing techniques.  Opportunities abound for integrated learning experiences with other curricular areas.  Add substantive learning with a piece that will engage students and fascinate audiences!:

BOUGHT ME A FIDDLE--Beginning String Orchestra--Delight students and audiences alike with this humorous arrangement of the popular nonsense, “add-on” folk song “I Bought Me A Cat.”  “Adding on” of phrases, each featuring a different scoring or playing technique such as easy pizzicato or glissando, builds to a rollicking climax.  Though opportunities abound for learning and reinforcing fundamental concepts such as counting rests, your students and audiences will think of this tune as just plain “fun”!

Quaker Song (Level 2 1/2--Alfred Publishing).  Quakers were early abolitionists, women's suffrage, and other civil rights advocates.  Celebrate their honorable heritage with this lovely arrangement of the popular "How Can I Keep from Singing?"

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