Kevin Mixon, Composer, Conductor, Clinician, Author, Consultant


Clinic Topics and Schedule

New! "Discipline and Management for Harmonious and Inclusive Music Classrooms" (for general, vocal, and instrumental music teachers)

Successfully solve the #1 problem in many of today's music classrooms! Hands-on strategies will be shared that effectively foster inclusion, build community, and minimize discipline and behavior problems in any environment. This session is light on lecture and heavy on participation, and you'll leave with real-world methods and techniques you can use in your very next class.


New! Aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards: "Building Strong Instrumental Ensembles with Curricular Connections"

Keep your ensemble on the list of school essentials!  Increase student interest, deepen ensemble experiences, align with Common Core and National Music Standards, and garner strong support for your program through curricular integration. Field-tested strategies will be shared that will enable you to begin easily from scratch or expand existing endeavors in any ensemble setting. 


"Alternate Rehearsal Techniques for Beginners"

Frustrated with the progress of your beginning instrumental music students? Strategies will be shared to help you teach music notation reading while reinforcing executive skills, introduce improvisation and composition while reinforcing performance skills, and account for diverse learning styles in order to maximize rehearsal time and student learning. 


"Building Your Instrumental Music Program in Urban Schools"
"Building Your Instrumental Music Program in Urban and Rural Schools"

Though teaching instrumental music may present different challenges in urban or rural settings, instrumental music teachers can build successful programs in these schools. This presentation/discussion will focus on four major areas crucial to success: recruiting and retention; student engagement, discipline, and management; parental involvement; and funding and administrative support.


"Successful Strategies for Exceptional Learners in Instrumental Music Programs"

Every student counts! Field-tested modifications, adaptations, and other practical solutions will be shared that will help directors meet challenges presented by diverse learners and help them become productive, valued members of the instrumental music ensemble.


"The Three E's of Instrumental Music in Challenging Conditions: Education, Engagement, Encouragement"

Feel like you're climbing "up" the "down" escalator lately? Strategies will be shared to help maximize instrumental music program success while accounting for challenges such as low student motivation, behavior problems, inadequate rehearsal time, heterogeneous lesson groups, and varied student skill levels.

"Motivating and Educating with Diverse Instrumental Music"

Want to increase student participation and garner strong parent, community, and administrative support for your instrumental music program? Practical strategies will be presented to help directors motivate and educate students and ignite enthusiastic audiences by introducing culturally diverse and other appealing styles of music.


"Common Percussion Adjudicators Criticisms and How to Avoid Them"

Baffled by percussion evaluation sheets? This presentation will help non-percussionist directors better prepare percussion students for solo and ensemble festivals. Frequent evaluation comments and their solutions will be discussed. Demonstrations will help attendees increase their students' technical and artistic skills and help improve evaluation scores.

Scheduled Appearances for 2015-2016:

Featured composer, The Midwest International Band and Orchestra Clinic, Dec. 16-19, 2015; Clinician, SC MEA Professional Development Conference, Feb. 4-6, 2016; Clinician, NAfME Music Research and Teacher Education National Conference, Mar. 17-19, 2016.

Previous Appearances:

2014-2015: Clinician, SUNY Fredonia, Feb. 16, 2015; Composer/Conductor, Niskayuna, NY Bands, Feb. 25-26, Mar. 3-4 & May 4-6, 2015; Composer (Commissioned Work), Solvay High School, Mar. 26, 2015; Composer (Commisioned Work)/Conductor/Clinician, Iowa Bandmasters 8th Grade All-State Honor Band and IMEA Conference, May 14, 2015; Clinician, NAfME National In-Service Conference, Oct. 25-28, 2015. 

2013-2014: Clinician, PA MEA Dist. 7 Professional Development Day, Oct. 14, 2013; Clinician, NAfME National Conference, Oct. 27-29, 2013; Featured Composer and Clinician, The Midwest Clinic, Dec. 18-21, 2013; Conductor, Schenectady (NY) MEA All-County Junior High Band, Jan. 31- Feb. 1, 2014; Conductor, CT MEA Eastern Regional Junior High School Band, Mar. 7-8, 2014; Clinician, CT MEA In-Service Conference, Apr. 3-4. 

2012-2013: Clinician, New York State School Music Association Conference, 11/29-12/2, 2012; Clinician/Featured Composer, The Midwest Clinic, 12/19-22, 2012; Composer/Conductor, Fieldston Middle School Premiere Concert, 1/14/13; Clinician, SUNY Fredonia School of Music, 2/20/13; Conductor, Syracuse City School District All-City Festival, 2/7-9/13; Conductor, Alabama Bandmasters Association District 2 Honor Band, 3/15-16/13; Composer, Liverpool All-City Orchestra Premiere Concert, 4/14/13; Composer/Conductor, Crane School of Music, 5/14/13; Composer/Conductor Niskayuna Middle School Premiere Concert, 5/23/13; Composer/Conductor Hannibal High School Premiere Concert, 6/4/13.

2011-2012: MSNBC's Education Nation "Teacher Town Hall," Sept 26, 2011; Nebraska Music Educators Association Convention, Nov. 17-19, 2011; Syracuse All-City Junior High Band. Feb., 2012.

2010-2011: Midwest Clinic, Dec. 18, 2010; Syracuse All-City Junior High Band, Feb., 2011; Syracuse City Instrumental Music Seminar June 26-27; National Board of Professional Teaching Standards Conference, July 28, 2011.

2009-2010: Urban Music Leadership Conference, Oct. 23-24, 2009; Virginia Music Educators Association In-Service Conference, Nov. 21, 2009; The New York State School Music Association Winter Conference, Dec. 2-5, 2009; The Midwest Clinic, Dec. 19, 2009; New Jersey Music Educators Association Conference, Feb. 19, 2010; Maryland Music Educators Association Conference, Feb. 26. 2010

2008-2009: Midwest International Band and Orchestra Clinic, Dec. 18-20, 2008; Florida Music Educators Association Convention, Jan. 8-10, 2009; Colorado Music Educators Association Convention, Jan. 22-24, 2009; South Carolina Music Educators Association Conference, Feb. 7, 2009; MENC Northwest Regional, Spokane WA, February 13-16, 2009; MENC Eastern Regional, Providence, RI, March 12-15, 2009

2007-2008: MENC Band Mentor, Oct., 2007; Oswego Elementary All-County Festival Conductor, Nov. 2-3, 2007; Georgia Music Educators Association Conference, Jan 24-25, 2008; Michigan Music Conference, Jan. 26, 2008; Ohio Music Educators Conference, Feb. 7-9, 2008; Nebraska Bandmasters Convention, Feb. 29-30, 2008; Buffalo City Schools In-Service, April 2, 2008; MENC National Convention, April 9-13, 2008

2006-2007: MENC Northwest Division Conference; Urban Music Leadership Conference; New York State School Music Association Winter Conference; Illinois Music Educators All-State Conference; Michigan Music Educators Association Conference; Pennsylvania Music Educators Association Conference; New Jersey Music Educators Association Conference; Onondaga Community College Guest Conductor/Composer; Onondaga County Music Educators Elementary Festival Conductor; Buffalo City Schools, NY In-Service; Manassas County, VA Guest Conductor and Clinician

2005-2006: International Society of Music Education 2006 World Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; MENC National Biennial Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah; New Jersey Music Educators Association Conference; New York State Band Directors Symposium; Connecticut Music Educators In-Service Conference; William Paterson University Urban Music Teachers In-Service; Illinois Valley Central Guest Conductor/Composer; Bradley University Guest Lecturer

2004-2005: The Midwest Clinic; MENC Eastern Division Conference; Texas Music Educators Association/MENC Southwest Symposium on Urban and Rural Schools; New York State School Music Association Winter Conference; Illinois Music Educators All-State Conference; Onondaga Community College Guest Conductor and Lecturer

2003-2004: New York State Band Director's Symposium; New York State School Music Association Winter Conference