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NEW!: Global Drumming (10 Snare Drum Solos In Styles From Around The World) 

This grade 3-4 collection contains 10 snare drum solos that reinforce rudiments and other fundamentals in styles from around the world.  Perfect for contest, recital and festivals, each solo includes performance notes and incorporates techniques from Cuba, Tahiti, East Africa, Japan, India, Middle East, West Africa, Ireland, Brazil, and the United States.  Sample page and more info HERE.

Bestseller!: Bucket Jams

For instrumental and general music classes

A collection of six, level 1-2 pieces for "junkyard" ensemble of buckets and optional garbage can and auxiliary instruments (hi hat, guiro, cymbals, etc.).  Suitable for general or instrumental music classes and includes reproducible music, flexible instrumentation, rehearsal and instrument suggestions...everything you need to get started!  This is a culturally relevant and engaging method to teach concert percussion techniques, drum set fundamentals, and how to read notation with culturally relevant music students will love playing!  Sample page and more info HERE.

Reaching and Teaching All Instrumental Music Students

Second Edition now available!

A much-needed resource covering many challenging topics including: urban and rural teaching; diverse learning styles; exceptional learners; recruiting; retention; improvising; composition; time-saving rehearsal techniques; and parents, publicity, and principals.  Ideal for both band and orchestra directors.  Click HERE for more information or to order.

Reviews by Music Education Leaders and Veteran Teachers:

"In this text, [the author] offers tools, ideas, and methods to facilitate learning in any type of music program and describes how to establish rigorous standards for students from various backgrounds. Mixon shows how high-quality learning does not depend on the resources a school might have; instead, he demonstrates how the diligence and devotion of a music director can prevail over even the most unfavorable learning environments."— The Instrumentalist

"Reaching and Teaching All Instrumental Music Students is a much-needed text that addresses the specific needs of those who teach music in difficult circumstances. Guiding teachers through the complexities of today's classroom realities, Mixon shares proven instructional strategies to produce music programs of merit, particularly in urban settings. University methods courses should put this book at the top of their reading list."—Edward S. Lisk, clinician, conductor and author, Oswego, NY

"Kevin Mixon has prepared a refreshingly practical text for teaching all instrumental music students. The strategies and concepts will ring true to master teachers everywhere."—Bob Phillips , composer, music educator, and string editor, Alfred Publishing

"This text provides relevant real world solutions to teaching all instrumental music students regardless of the school demographics. Mr. Mixon modifies research-based ideas to help you start, build, and maintain a solid and accountable program. All instrumental music teachers need to have this book!"—Larry Clark, vice-president, Carl Fischer Music

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Also Available: Teaching Music in the Urban Classroom: A Guide to Survival, Success, and Reform

Another much-needed resource, edited by Carol Frierson-Campbell, for which Mr. Mixon has written the chapter on band teaching strategies.  Other topics include, choir, general music, orchestra, and teacher training.  More info HERE(If you are an NAfME member, remind the operator that you qualify for a 30% discount on all NAfME books.)  Also available at:


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The Instrumentalist

Note: in addition to the following feature articles, Mr. Mixon has served as a book and recording reviewer for The Instrumentalist.

"Start with Rhythms and Tapping When Beginners Learn to Read" The Instrumentalist, August 2002, 50.

"Easy Improvisaton Drills" The Instrumentalist, July 2003, 50-54.

"More Efficient Rehearsals" The Instrumentalist, July 2004, 38-42, 61.

"Higher Scores at Contests, Behind the Scenes with Veteran Judges" The Instrumentalist, January 2007, 44-46.

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The National Band Journal 

"How Harry Potter Robbed Us at Festival" National Band Association Journal, 43 no. 2 (2002), 26-27.


"Making a Turnaround: An Upstate Music Teacher Builds Up a Band Pprogram In One of America's Poorest Neighborhoods" Teaching Music, November 2010, 44-47.Access here:

"How Eight School Directors Get Ready for the Next Year" The Instrumentalist, August 2003, 16-19.

"Take Our Advice" The Instrumentalist, July 2005, 12-17.

"A Chance Reunion with Kevin Mixon" The Instrumentalist, July 2006, 44-45.

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